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There are 17 species of penguin, ranging from the frozen waters of the Antarctic, to the Galapagos Islands on the equator. Despite their comical appearance, penguins are the most successful avian predators of the Southern Oceans. Penguins can run as fast as most men, and swim faster than most fish. They are perfectly adapted to a half life between land and sea. Learn more.

Chinstrap Penguin
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Our work to save penguins has featured in TV documentaries around the world. You can view TV documentaries featuring our work by the BBC TV, Animal Planet, Paramount Pictures, and documentaries in German and Spanish. Our work is entirely funded by our Penguin Adoption programme.

Penguins are perfectly adapted to the environment in which they live, but they are less able to cope with alterations to the environment brought about by commercial fishing, oil pollution and coastal development. Penguins have undergone huge declines in certain regions, and some penguins face the very real prospect of extinction unless something is done to help. Click here to learn about the threats facing penguins

In September 2000, penguin conservationists from all over the world gathered at La Serena to discuss ways in which penguins could be protected. A number of wide-ranging proposals were drafted, and the International Penguin Conservation Work Group was formed. Click here to learn more about the IPCWG

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Purchase our book Penguins of the Falkland Islands and South America: Electronic version for instant download $3.95, Paperback $10.95. All proceeds go towards penguin research and protection       Newspaper Reports about our fight to save Falklands penguins       The Falklands Regime by Mike Bingham, ISBN: 1420813757

TV documentary about our work shown on BBC TV

BBC Documentary about our work

TV documentaries about our work shown on Animal Planet

TV documentaries about our work in German and Spanish




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